C5T's comprehensive evaluation is designed and created to provide an athlete and parents with immediate feedback and detailed information on an athlete's efficiencies and inefficiencies. This information sets a baseline of metrics as well as allows our coaches to attack an athlete's specific needs on their first day of training!


C5T focuses its training on improving an athlete's reflexes, balance, movement mechanics, reactions, and mind-to-muscle connection to enhance the way an athlete can perform mentally without inhibition. Our assessment will test an athlete on their ability to focus, control, and react with the appropriate movement and/or stimulus to set a baseline for training.

Squat Workout



Noting an athlete's strengths/weaknesses allows for our coaches to make adjustments to their program on Day 1. C5T can use these metrics to show where an athlete currently ranks in their age group as well as how to futher their success in their sport(s).  


Creating an athlete-specific program, focusing on improving deficiencies, and creating a more solid foundation allows for athletes to be placed in positions of success within their respective sports!


You will be ready mentally and physically to execute your training in game situations consistently. Our goal is to maximize the amount an athlete is able to perform on the court, diamond, field, or pitch in all situations!